Pcb Hole Size Chart

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Pcb Hole Size Chart. 09042007 Main Menu Mechanical Menu. PCB Drill Aspect Ratio Limitations When drilling holes whether mounting or vias board fabricators are limited by board thickness as well as the diameter and depth capabilities of their milling machines lasers or other equipment.

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For AP Circuits there is a per hole charge for densities above 24 holes per square inch. The chart provides a list of size drill measurement system that includes metric fractional letter. A rule is a rule even for a hole Non-Plated Through Hole NPTH Finished hole size minimum 0006 Edge to edge clearance from any other surface element minimum 0005.

PCB Hole Size Chart.

If youre into electronics you might give PCB layout software a chance. AWG and PCB Hole Size Charts. In summary in the future when I want a PCB hole to solder a wire into I will take the total outer diameter of the wire I intend to use and add 3 mils. Some charge per drill size used others offer a standard set of drill sizes for no charge and then charge for any non-standard drill sizes.